Democrats must support Senator Boehner

Why Democrats should support John Boehner

Senator Boehner is a moderate Republican. He knows that government is necessary. He understands that opposing views will be part of any compromise. He is not captive to an unyielding ideology.

However, John Boehner and his political party are hostages in Washington. They are captives of right wing ideologues in the Tea Party, the War Weapons lobby, and the Right Wing Media Industry. Most of all, he and the GOP are captives of the politics of fear.

Democrats need an opposing party that knows and understands what Senator Boehner knows and understands.  To achieve that goal, thoughtful Democrats must support President Obama’s rescue of the GOP. We must be willing to let our President lead the country over the Fiscal Cliff.

Only by plunging over the cliff can Senator Boehner’s GOP be reset to sanity. The plunge will reset the debate on taxes and spending orthodoxy that has held Republicans in it’s thrall for decades. Those decades have created more poverty, more illiteracy, more hunger, less work opportunity, less education opportunity and the general decline in hope for the future of America’s children.

If you believe in a renewed American, fellow Democrats, help our President take Senator Boehner over the cliff.